Companies Mentioned : Cytonn Investment Company , Twitter , Google , Samsung Electronics , Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

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Date : Friday, July 05 2019

Time : 09:24 hrs

Length : 1 hr(s) 01 min(s) 54 sec(s)

Type : Video


Ken Mijungu in studio with blogger Maureen Muhia, East Meets West group and Senior Manager Technology, Brand & Innovation at Cytonn Investments Daniel Mainye. ---- They are sharing what the know about online businesses. ---- Many transactions nowadays for a variety of things are done online. ---- Online business is evolving and therefore one should grow as it grows. ---- It is a space that many governments are finding difficult to adequately police. ---- There are fresh attempts by the Kenya government to effectively tax the space. ---- Through online commenters, they give one an idea on what to do next as a content creator. ---- Many funny videos are created from Memes. ---- The online digital space is very competitive and therefore one needs to be on toes.